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Our Ethos

Our goal is not to be the biggest or the best horror film festival in the world. We simply want to show good films to good people, showcase independent works and unearth classic & forgotten gems.

Come and spend the weekend with like minded people, in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy some of the best horror put to celluloid.

Code of conduct

We are a friendly and open organisation. Therefore we have a very strict anti-bullying policy. We will not accept any form of discrimination or harassment. This includes but is not limited to : racism, sexism, and anti-social behaviour including drunken behaviour. Anyone who is found behaving in a manner that is deemed unacceptable by the organisers will be expelled from the premises and depending on severity may receive a permanent ban from future events. We want this to be a fun place for all races, religions genders and sexualities. 

Environmental Policies

We do everything we can to limit our environmental impact. Our key ways of doing this are to reuse as much as possible for all future events as well as recycling all waste possible generated by the event. We also encourage all attendees to travel via public transport or car share when possible.

We'd love to hear from you

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